Homeless Boy Speaks About Opportunity And Finds A Home

"My message to the government is ..."

Homeless of Nairobi is an organization that says they help displaced children in Kenya's largest city find new homes and loving families.

Over the weekend, it rescued another group of children from the streets. One child was 15-year-old Morris Mwenda, who has been living on the streets for the last year.

"I suffered from family discrimination," Mwenda told Nairobi News. "They did not want me and fought a lot. My father was a polygamist and a drunkard."

Homeless of Nairobi immediately recognized that Mwenda was educated and commanded a mastery of the English language. They interviewed him on camera and asked him about his experiences on the streets of Nairobi.

In a YouTube video, Mwenda was critical of the Kenyan government's treatment of homeless children. He spoke about the measures that the Kenya Government took to make their country look modern when President Obama visited last year.

"When Obama was coming to Kenya, we have this National Youth Service," he said in the video. "They started clearing us. I thought by clearing us they would take us to a better place where we would go and sleep, go to school, and so on and so forth, but they were just clearing us. They took us to a certain police station called Moroto. It was a type of clearing, you just clear so that when the VIPs come, they just see it is an industrialized country."

Mwenda's most poignant message in the video was when he was asked to describe his definition of opportunity. His answer was dead-on.

"My message to the public is that in the streets we have talented people, and we have those who have knowledge, but what they are lacking is something called opportunity," he said. "Opportunity is an English word that simply means chance. So, they are lacking that chance. My message to the government is, let us give these people the opportunity — only that — no more, no less."


The YouTube video went viral, and even the people behind Homeless Of Nairobi said that they did not expect it to go viral during a major television interview with Mwenda on Friday.

Mwenda gained shelter, a new family and a mother since the video went viral. More importantly, he finally has that opportunity that he was speaking about.


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