You'll Never Believe How He Reunites Homeless People With Their Families


Perry Thronley never thought he would see his family ever again.

This homeless man in Maine just wanted to let his family know that he is alive after not seeing them in 18 years. Fortunately for Thornley, he was able to get in contact with his kids in less than 24 hours with the help of a kind man from California and his video camera.


That kind man was Kevin Adler.

Adler, a San Francisco resident, has been reuniting homeless people with their loved ones since 2014. He is the founder of Miracle Messages. According to their website, Miracle Messages helps homeless individuals record short video messages to their dearly missed loved ones. The messages are then blasted through social media. The family members reply with their own video message.

Having a homeless loved one is something Adler knows about all too well.

"My uncle Mark was homeless, lived on and off the streets for 30 years, suffered from schizophrenia. But I never saw him as a homeless man," Adler said to WBZ-TV.

The story of his Uncle Mark motivates him to reunite homeless people with their families.

"I think we all respect each other and treat each other differently if we see someone as someone's son or daughter, brother, sister, mother or father," Adler said to WBZ-TV.

He recently embarked on a tour across New England to help 100 people find their lost loved ones.

Miracle Messages’ success stories are remarkable.

They helped Jeffrey Gottshall reunite with his estranged sister after 20 years. They reunited Jeanette McFadden with her daughter in just one day after she created her video message.

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Adler continues to helps homeless people, like Dal Lambert, who is trying to locate his two sisters.

"He is going a big effort on that, so I can get back with my family," Lambert told WMUR.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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