These Baggage Men Used To Be Homeless, But A Slovakian Train Station Gave Them Another Chance

Most homeless men in Bratislava sleep at the station. Now seven of them work there.

Joseph is a homeless man in Bratislava, Slovakia, and all he wants is another chance at life. And thanks to the generosity of a local train station and human rights group, he and seven other homeless men will get that chance. 

The homeless usually use the station to sleep and dwell, but Joseph along with others without a place to live or a job now work there. According to Slovakian site HNonline, the station gave them uniforms and have them handle baggage for customers.

Civil Association Against the Stream helped set up the men wit their jobs in conjunction with the station and other partners. Coordinator Peter Kadlečík told HNonline, which supplied the below photos later posted to Reddit, that paying off debt is the homeless' biggest issue. 

As was the case for Joseph and why he's thankful for the new gig. 

"I want to help people, because they help me," he told the website.

Head over to HNonline for the full story.


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