How A Facebook Post Helped A Homeless Man Reunite With Kids He Hadn't Seen In 20 Years

They thought he was dead.

A homeless man in Illinois' Round Lake Beach suburb just north of Chicago is getting ready to reunite with his children in Texas after 20 years thanks to a friend.

According to NBC News, Pedro "Tony" Abrego has been friends with local store employee Juan Samhan for ten years. 

Samhan told NBC about his relationship with Abrego. "When it's really cold out, I used to take him to the shelter in Waukegan," Samhan said in an interview. "You know, when I see him, it just kind of makes my day."

Abrego recently told Samhan that he hadn't seen his children in 20 years and that he wants to see them before he dies. He lost touch with them after separating from their mother.

That's when Samhan decided to help his friend, posting a plea on his since-deactivated Facebook page asking for help.


Screengrab/Facebook: Google Cache

The post was shared hundreds of times and within two days, Samhan received a reply from Abrego's daughter in Texas.

"His daughter inboxed me," Samhan told NBC. "She said they've been looking for him for years and they didn't know he was alive."

Abrego and Samhan's story has now reached thousands on Facebook, thanks to a video by NBC and Now This. 

Watch the touching video below.

(H/T: Now This)

Cover composite photo by A Plus via Now This and Facebook/Google Cache.


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