Homeless Man Saved Money To Buy Art Supplies And Now Can't Stop Selling His Work


Sitting with his dog beneath a tree, a homeless man paints noticeably stunning works of art that, in turn, inspire others.

Before he had the necessary art supplies, Jon Masters sat with a sign that read "Just Need a Little Help." According to The Pensacola News Journal, passersby donated enough money for Masters to purchase "a few canvases, some cheap paints and a few brushes and began painting his dreamworld landscapes. A few days later, he was selling his paintings on the side of the road."

Masters told the publication, "I'm selling them cheap and I'm selling them as fast as I can paint them."

Moreover, Masters' attitude is inspiring. In a video USA Today uploaded to YouTube, Masters said: 


"I'm a firm believer that nothing bad ever happens, even though it really looks like crap. Just not enough time has gone by to see what the good is going to be."

On Masters' Facebook page, the artist uploads photos of his work as well as status updates about his life and his goals.

A post from Thursday reads:

"Up early and motivated. I want to get the art done for the epilepsy fund raiser, a banner blue tree, scour the city for canvass and play with [my dog] Sheba. I can do It."

And according to The Huffington Post, Masters now sells his work at a farmer's market and helps organize a weekly barbecue that unites homeless artists together.

"I've got other homeless guys coming up to me to check out what's going on," Masters told PNJ in an updated article. "They're hearing about my story from other homeless people..."

"...They're seeing the response I'm getting and some of them are trying to figure out what they can do that's similar. They want to know how I learned to paint. They want to do something on their own. I'm actually able to inspire others. To me, that's the best part about all of this."

Be sure to watch the full video below:

Visit Masters' Facebook page for more of his work.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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