How A Homeless Guy's Random Act Of Kindness Landed Him A Job

What an example for the world.

Shelby Hudgens is a homeless man who doesn't own much besides an old blue car and his dog "Blackjack." But that doesn't stop him from giving to others. When he saw that cars were getting stuck in the snow, Hudgens jumped to the rescue. He spent three hours in the cold, pushing strangers' vehicles up a hill.


Because he loves to help. 


When local news station KOAA reported his random act of kindness to his Colorado Springs community, they responded with an outpouring of gratitude. 

One stranger put him up in a hotel for a few nights.

Another stranger, Sarah Webster started a GoFundMe page to raise donations on his behalf.

Webster pointed out to KOAA that there are some people who have more than Hudgens, but choose not to help. 

She hopes his example will help the rest of us take notice of those in need.

Hudgens was taken aback by the attention and appreciation. His positive attitude towards his situation shone through, saying "It could be worse." 

Nonetheless, with frigid temperatures, it's not surprising that he also expressed that he'd like to find a job soon.

In the middle of a follow-up interview, the reporter received an email from a stranger. It was a job offer... for Hudgens.

He said one of his favorite jobs was working in an assisted living facility. His dream for the future is to become a certified medical assistant. 


Same reason he pushed the strangers' cars out of the snow. He loves helping. 

Watch his reaction in the video below. 

Share Hudgens' story and help people take notice. 


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