This Will Inspire You To Stop Waiting For Life To Begin And Start Living

Live this life. Right now.

Holstee is a NYC-based company whose mission is simple.


They create and sell products like mindful art pieces and posters to "help us remember what's important." For Holstee, that doesn't mean money or status or being in.

Their website expands on their mission, stating they "hope to change the way people look at life by designing unique products and sharing meaningful experiences."

It's a vision that presents a thoughtful alternative to the life we're told is the pinnacle of success via social constructs and the mainstream media.

In their first days as a company, Holstee's founders sat down to discuss what their mission would be.

The result was The Holstee Manifesto: a simple document that defines what success means to them.

We're happy to present you with this video by Holstee that captures the essence of their manifesto in a way that simple text can't. 

For more from Holstee, check out their website. The Manifesto is available as a free download.

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