Meet The 20-Year-Old Woman Whose Legs Are Already Breaking Records

Stand tall, Holly.

"Do you ever play basketball?"

"How's the weather up there?"

"When will you stop growing?"

These are just a few textbook jokes every girl who's taller than 5-foot-7 hears at some point in her life. But when it comes to New York-based design student Holly Burt, these lame punchlines don't fly.

This woman is literally a record breaker.


Meet Holly, a 20-year-old graphic design student originally from Florida.

As you can see from her pics, Holly's kind of tall, measuring 6-foot-5. But it's not her height that spurred media attention ...

... rather this. At 49.5 inches, Holly is known to have the longest legs in the United States!

Yes, folks, you're seeing that right. Burt is about to officially snatch the title from current record holder, Texan model Lauren Williams.

'I love the attention that I get,' Holly told Barcroft TV in an interview. But it wasn't always like that.

Growing up, Burt was always in the center of attention because of her unusual heights. Not all of it was positive, of course. Holly admits she's been verbally bullied quite a lot:

"Back in middle school I was called daddy long legs, tree or giraffe," she says.

Burt first realized how tall she was when she was in the second grade and had already outgrown her teacher. But coming from a long generation of tall men and women, she found ways to deal with it.

'I was always picked first for sports — I played soccer for 10 years and basketball for 7 or 8 — I was included because I was so tall.'

Despite years of bullying, Burt agrees she managed to rise above all the haters and embrace the beauty of her lengthy pins.

'I've been tall all my life and sometimes I was picked on, so now it's like I'm being recognized for something good,' Holly says with confidence.

As for guys ... we've got some bad news for you. Unless you're taller than 6-feet-3, don't even bother.

(H/T: Barcroft TV)


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