These Are The Holiday Cakes People Are Devouring Around The World

Which would you like to try?

The holiday season is upon us, which means — very soon — most of us will be digging our forks into something delectable while surrounded by people we love. But the traditional holiday treats we plate can vary from country to country. 

The folks over at the travel site Taxi2Airport decided to look into the sweet treats that are enjoyed around the world during the holiday season and put together an infographic that shows some of the most-loved seasonal cakes. 


From baklava in Albania, to kersttulband in the Netherlands, to rum cake in Jamaica, there's a lot our palates can learn from this sweet guide. In addition to the infographic, the travel site included some great recipes to try these dishes for yourself and make your table a little more international this year. 

You can check out the infographic and links to recipes below:

Below are some recommended recipes from Taxi2Airport.

 Albania's Baklava: recipe from My Albanian Food.

Argentina's Pan Dulce: recipe from Rebecca's International Kitchen.

Belgium's Cougnou: recipe from Smile Caroline.

Bulgaria's Koledna Pitka: recipe from Tara's Multicultural Table for the recipe.

Chile's Pan de Pascua: recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy.

Croatia's Fritule: recipe from Chasing the Donkey.

Czech Republic's Vánočka: recipe from What Sarah Bakes.

Denmark's Drømmekage: recipe from Adore Foods.

Estonia's Piparkoogid: recipe from The Star.

Finland's Joulutorttu: recipe from Cake, Crumbs, Beach, Sand.

France's La Bûche de Nöel: recipe from The Spruce.

Germany and Austria's Stollenrecipe from The Spruce.

Greece's Melomakarona: recipe from My Greek Dish.

Hungary's Beigli: recipe from Budapest Moms.

Iceland's Vinarterta: recipe from Port and Fin.

Italy's Panettonerecipe from Brown Eyed Baker.

Jamaica's Rum Cake: recipe from Cooking the Globe.

Japan's Japanese Christmas Cake: recipe from Cooking with Dog.

Latvia's Piparkūkas: recipe from Femme Au Foyer.

Lithuania's Šakotis: recipe from The Spruce.

Netherlands' Kersttulband: recipe from The Dutch Table.

New Zealand's Pavlova: recipe from Mismatched Passports.

Norway's Kransekake: recipe from A Simple Homestead.

Poland's Makowiec: recipe from Magda's Cauldron

Portugal's Bolo Rei de Natal: recipe from Family Foodie.

Romania's Cozonac cu Nuca: recipe from Jo Cooks.

Serbia's Česnica: recipe from Snap Guide.

Slovakia's Štedrák: recipe from Slovak Cooking.

Slovenia's Potica: recipe from Slovenia Incognita

Spain and Mexico's Rosca de Reyes: recipe from Lavender and Lovage.

Sweden's Saffransbullar: recipe from Hilah Cooking.

Switzerland's Chräbeli: recipe from Nettle and Quince 

U.K.'s Christmas Cake:  recipe from BBC Good Food

Ukraine's Perekladanets: recipe from Ukrainian treat


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