This 'Shoes Yourself' Eminem Parody Is For Every Parent Trying To Get Kids Dressed For Winter

"Put on your shoes yourself!"

For kids (and hey, adults too!) playing in the snow is a ton of fun. However, bundling up for the cold can be a huge pain — your gloves make it hard to button your coat, and your hat creates so much static your hair takes flight. And by the time you take off all your layers, you're sweating. 

The Holderness family understands these woes and in a hilarious Eminem-inspired parody uploaded to their YouTube channel, parents Penn and Kim Holderness work to dress up their kids for the cold weather and rap about it in the style of Eminem's "Lose Yourself." 

Their song, entitled "Shoes Yourself," begins with Penn's lines: "His coat is heavy / but it's on the floor with teddy / There's omelet on his collar already / That's upsetting / We're nervous / 'Cause on the surface he looks calm and ready to walk out / But he keeps on forgetting that it's cold out."

The song, accompanied by a hilarious music video, shows Penn and Kim's son running out into the cold as his mother chases behind him with a coat, wondering how their son could possibly be comfortable in freezing temperatures. 

"Put on your shoes yourself / and your jacket, your hat with your backpack / We really really gotta go / You only get one shot / Actually that isn't so / This opportunity comes every morning," the rap continues. 

The parents also talk about trying to find a missing glove and trying to understand why their kids don't want to wear their coats.

Overall, it's a hilarious take on the season, and we think it's one all families can enjoy:


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(H/T: Today)


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