These Twins Can See Through Each Other's Eyes, But That's Not The Only Thing That's Amazing About Them

A remarkable perspective.

These girls can see through each other's eyes.


This video features Tatiana and Krista Hogan, 8-year-old craniopagus conjoined twins from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tatiana and Krista are very special. Not only are the girls joined at the back and side of their heads, they also share a part of the brain: the thalamus, which controls most sensory processing, including sight, hearing, and touch, but also manages movement and coordination.

The Daily Mail reported one of the most extraordinary things about them: They can see through each other's eyes and "hear" each other's thoughts.

But there's more to these young women than just their miraculous biology. They can inspire us to reconsider how we approach beauty.

This video challenges us to rethink not just the way we think of others, but the way we think of ourselves.

"Imagine if we could help all young women know how beautiful they are," one of the many they've inspired says in the video.

"What if we could teach young men how to respect and understand women? What would happen if we could take away the pressure to be perfect?"

The world would be a better place for it, that's what.

For more from Tatiana and Krista, you can visit them on Facebook.

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