Hofstra University Sends An Inclusive And Positive Message to Refugees In New Video

"You are welcome here."


In a new video, students, and faculty at Hofstra University are sending a powerful message from Long Island to refugees everywhere: "You are welcome here." In just four words, the college has made their collective voice heard and taken a strong stance on a controversial issue. 

A collaboration between World at Hofstra, Hofstra Student Life, and Hofstra Pride, students, faculty, and staff pass an inflatable globe from person to person, echoing the same, simple sentiment, "You are welcome here." In doing so, each individual represents a diverse community that advocates inclusion and protection of its international members. 

Since the college posted the video to its Facebook page on March 2, it's been viewed over 100,000 times and shared more than 1,000 times. Current attendees, alumni, and others have commented on the video, expressing how "proud" they are to be members of the Hofstra community. By taking a lead on this national issue, Hofstra University's positive response is one to which other colleges can aspire. 


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