This H&M Campaign Shatters Dated Ideas About What It Means To Act Like A Lady

"Entertaining, opinionated, off-beat, and fearless."


H&M's Fall 2016 ad campaign is here to redefine just what it means to be a lady, and it has nothing to do with dated ideas about proper etiquette. To the Swedish retailer, being a lady involves many great qualities, which the brand highlights in the description for the campaign's video.

They are being "entertaining, opinionated, off-beat and fearless. Bad-ass, independent and free-willed."

To help demonstrate its point, H&M has enlisted the help of some powerful women including supermodel Lauren Hutton, actress, writer and model Hari Nef, Gurls Talk founder and model Adwoa Aboah, and designer and entrepreneur Pum Lefebure. 

The campaign also features Jillian Hervey of the Lion Babes, who performs a subverted version of Tom Jones's 1971 song "She's A Lady," turning it into a song about girl power.

As Hervey croons, the women show just what it means to behave like a lady. That includes everything from running a boardroom meeting, to checking your teeth for food using a knife as a mirror at dinner.

H&M brings things home by featuring a diverse group of women to show that all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities are ladylike. 

The overall message of H&M's ad is that when it comes to being a lady, there are no restrictions. It's about celebrating you for you.

(H/T: Adweek)


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