H&M and Caitlyn Jenner Show The Importance Of Believing In Yourself In This New Campaign

"To keep going, no matter what obstacles, is what victory looks like."

If you don't believe in yourself, it will be hard to get very far in life, but with just a little confidence, you can conquer the world. Just remove those negative self-doubts, and know you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

That is the positive message behind H&M's latest sport campaign. H&M has teamed up with Caitlyn Jenner for the "For Every Victory" campaign. The campaign launched with a video featuring different athletes, including Jenner, who champion the power of believing in yourself and sport.


Athletes and Olympic hopefuls will no doubt be able to relate to the competitors' struggles depicted in the video, but the message can also be applied to life in general.

"I questioned whether it was really worth it. Nothing came easy. But nothing truly important ever does. To keep going, no matter what obstacles, is what victory looks like."

Whether you're trying to score a goal, come out first in a race, get that A on your test, or achieve that promotion at work, the campaign's message of endurance will speak to you.

H&M's "For Every Victory" campaign is undoubtedly a positive one, but it comes after H&M has faced issues with the mistreatment of its own factory workers, and the amount of pollution the brand releases into the world.

Similarly, Jenner has done many things to help with trans awareness and understanding, but she has also spoken in favor of Donald Trump, who, if elected president, would have a party that could work against LGBTQ rights

When you combine everything, it results in a conflicting case. Have a look at the campaign and the facts.

Then you can be the judge of everything.

If you're just looking at the "For Every Victory" campaign, one cannot really argue with a message about self-belief and perseverance because that is what will see you through to the finish line in all aspects of life. 

(H/T: Cosmopolitan UK)


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