Artist Best Describes His Love For His Wife Through Precious Illustrations

"Thinking you're beautiful doing the simplist things."

Artist Andrew Hou has many ways to define the love he has for his wife, but his favorite form of expression is through his impressive illustration techniques. 

Hou and his wife, Kate, are of different backgrounds: Hou, Chinese but born in Canada, and Kate, Korean, according toThe Huffington Post

"Korean not being my native tongue didn't help [communication] either," Hou told the publication. "So making silly, sappy doodles was my workaround for the problem." 

These "silly, sappy doodles," however, are wildly relatable and unfailingly adorable. Hou takes everyday experiences, like staying up late or wasting time together, as ways to express what their love is all about.

Initially, the series began as text messages between Hou and Kate, according to his website, HJ-Story. When Kate's birthday rolled around, Hou put the images together into a blog, and it took off. Now, HJ Story's Facebook page alone has over 400,000 followers. 

Check out a few of the illustrations below and follow Hou on Instagram and Facebook for more. 



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