Boxers Or Briefs? The History Of Men's Underwear, Modeled By A Woman.

Which do you think looks best?

What most people don't know about A Plus is that when we first started back in 2013, we had planned to be a hybrid social media and product review/discovery site. What even fewer people know is that the genesis of that idea came from a question about who makes the most comfortable underwear for men. 

The question makes sense, of course. Not sure about how it is for women, but it's hard to find comfortable underwear for men. My own underwear drawer — and feel free to skip to the video if this is TMI — consists of everything from so-called "ranger panties" (aka "silkies" if you're a Marine) to boxers to ... well, you get the picture and if you don't, you're about to. 

This video, created by The Scene, traces the genesis of men's underwear from the loin cloth (it skips the fig leaf, probably since that wasn't really a garment per se) to modern incarnations of the love-it-or-hate-it boxer brief, modeled by a woman. Why a woman? We have no idea, but maybe it's because only a woman could take something as unflattering as a union suit — or worse, jockey briefs and hipster trunks — and make them look sensible, appealing, and comfortable. 

Also, I think I was busy that day.


Like most fashion, you'll find that men's underwear first served practical, utilitarian purposes ...

Before succumbing to faddism.

If you've ever wanted to know (and who hasn't?) the history of men's underwear, look no further.

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