People Are Showing Off Their 'Hip Dips' On Instagram This Summer, In Celebration Of All Bodies

"Love the body you have."

Summer is a season when self-love is often needed more than ever as it is the time we are most inundated with messages about what a perfect (beach) body looks like. But while the media may be telling us to get thinner, tanner, and more toned, the Internet can be a space for people to come together in celebration of all bodies by sharing body positive hashtags and their stories of overcoming body shame.  

There have been numerous body positive hashtags already that have encouraged people to love their bodies the way they are. #MermaidThighs and #GainingWeightIsCool are just two such hashtags that went viral.


Now the #HipDips hashtag is trending, and we are loving it.

Hip dips are sometimes referred to as "violin hips" or "saddlebags" and are the indentations that some women have where the hips and upper outer thighs meet. The #hipdips hashtag encourages others to see that having a "perfect" hourglass body shape isn't the only way to be beautiful. As one Instagrammer said, "Love the body you have. It's the most precious thing you will ever own."

The hip dips hashtag isn't brand new, but it has recently started going viral with more people sharing their tales of self-acceptance. Now, there are currently over 1,400 posts with the #hipdips on Instagram and they include empowering photos along with the personal stories.

Take a look at some of the #hipdip posts:

"learning to love my body for the way that God it made it 💓 ."
"So I've been seeing a lot of 'hip dip' Fitness posts. I had to Google this term. Turns out I have them! But I didn't get them through training. I have had them since puberty to date. I HATED them! @beautee52 ..Remember how we complained about these in high school? I remember at 11 years old, I asked my mum for liposuction to decrease my thighs, and then pump the fat into my 'hip dips.' She then asked me to bring a knife from the kitchen, that she would perform the surgery for free 😂😂 Funny how things become trendy. I am trending. Will enjoy the moment."
"So I just found out that my 'love handles' aren't love handles at all and that its 100% normal to have these hip dips.... I've struggles with overcoming this thing that I perceived to be an imperfection that stuck with me no matter how heavy or thin I am.... Lately I've been incredibly confident with how my face looks, but my body has always been a touchy thing for me. This has definitely been a positive part of my journey to always being body positive."
"'Are you beach body ready?' Well I've got a body, and it's sure as hell going to the beach. 👙☀️🏖 Love the body you have. It's the most precious thing you'll ever own regardless of whether it wears a size 6 dress or a size 20. Being healthy doesn't mean having washboard abs and zero cellulite. Be proud of who you are. ❤️🙌🏻🙏🏼 "
"'s the thing....I've had a lot of issues around my body, and because I'm not large, I've always been dismissed, as if my struggles aren't real because they aren't the same struggles as others. I used to workout because I wanted to look better. I hated that I had #hipdips or saddlebags as the older generation called them, and that I had cellulite on my rear end.  I now absolutely LOVE how strong my body is, even when my stomach isn't flat and I have a double bum. I LOVE how I actually grew 2 entire human beings and they are turning into little actual people, who will be real adults later. From my vagina. That's what I did. I LOVE that I'm strong enough to pickup my husband and piggy back him around the house.  I LOVE MY HIPDIPS AND MY CELLULITE AND MY FRECKLES AND MY WRINKLES AND SAGGY MOM TUMMY AND MY CROOKED TEETH AND MY "PROBLEM SKIN". I love everything that I used to hate. Because not a single person in this world, is just like me and I'm fucking awesome.  So are you. You are awesome. And beautiful. I love you. I hope you love you too!!"

(H/T: Allure)


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