Instead Of Saying 'Netflix And Chill,' Here's How People In Asia Drop Hints To The Opposite Sex

Instant noodles, anyone?

If a guy asks if you want to watch Netflix at his place, chances are, he's got more than just movie-watching on his mind. In fact, Netflix has become such a popular way to imply you want to hookup that the tactic even has its own codename: Netflix and chill. 

But do the same types of hookup codes, hints and rules apply half way across the globe? 

Look no further than a video titled "How To Say 'Netflix and Chill' In Asia." The video shows that while our interactions may be quite similar, our vocabulary and tactics are not. Here are some things people say and do to imply they want to hookup: 


In South Korea, it's all about noodles.

Chinese girls pretend to be sad.

Folks take "breaks" in Japan.

Watch the entire video below.

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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