Scenes From 'HIMYM' Reveal Something About Those Canada Jokes That We Hadn't Noticed Before

It didn't even cross our minds until now ...

If binge-watching is somehow already a word, we feel like the time to come up with a phrase for obsessively rewatching TV shows and movies has been long overdue.

However, until someone rises to the occasion and coins a witty new term, we can enjoy the other side of this retrospect — discovering hidden easter eggs! Something Imgur user Eclipezz has already been fruitfully working on.

A few days ago, Eclipezz shared a post that unravels a previously unseen (or unmentioned) joke from season 9, episode 12 of "How I Met Your Mother."


See that couple casually hanging out in the back? They're about to embark on a lifelong journey together — but you've probably never noticed that.

How I Met Your Mother

The episode starts by Robin announcing that she wants her wedding to be held in her home country, Canada.

This offers her friends — Ted, Lily, Marshall, and even her future husband Barney — a priceless opportunity to once again mock Robin for her Canadian roots.

But while jokes like "Canada? Are you registered at Tim Hortons" and "Canada? Oh, does the organist play wearing mittens?" were flying around, something else was happening in the background ...

As the scene progresses, the couple in the back is seen getting engaged.

How I Met Your Mother

Getting pregnant.

How I Met Your Mother

Oh, look, their kid is all grown up and out of college. Atta boy!

How I Met Your Mother

The last frame shows the woman sitting by herself, mourning her late husband.

How I Met Your Mother

You have to admit that's a really suave way to poke fun at how long it took Ted, Marshall, and Lily to get all of the Canada jokes out of their system. 

Kind of makes you want to jump into a rewatching binge and dig for hidden gold, doesn't it?


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