Hillary Clinton Made A 2016 Campaign Playlist On Spotify. Let's Rank All 14 Songs.

Young people use this, right?

Hillary Clinton and her team know she needs the youth vote in next year's presidential election, which is why she's positioned herself strongly toward millennial voters by joining Twitter and Instagram to share her experiences on the campaign trail. Next on the social media scene is Spotify — Clinton has posted "The Official Hillary 2016 Playlist" to the streaming service, containing 14 diverse tracks that are just screaming to be ranked. Let's dive in, judging each song purely by its inclusion on this specific playlist, not as a work of art on its own.


14) 'Happy' — Pharrell Williams

With apologies to Pharrell, the ageless wonder, "Happy" has been severely overplayed in the last year and is the most obvious track to include on a playlist like this. All it says is that she's trying to reach as wide an audience as possible.

13) 'Best Day of My Life' — American Authors

There are two American Authors tracks featured here, the only artists to receive that honor. No surprise the name of the band includes the word "American — like "Happy," this is a universal feel-good song that's a bit too obvious to qualify as interesting for this playlist.

12) 'Beautiful Day' — Jon Bon Jovi

See No. 13. Slight advantage because it's Bon Jovi.

11) 'Believer' — American Authors

This list starts its upswing with the other American Authors song — this one actually evokes something of a message about Hillary's bid for president. "I'm just a believer / That things will get better" may sound a lot like any inspirational campaign poster, but it at least represents Hillary's effort to communicate her dedication.

10) 'Fighters' — Kris Allen

Like "Believer," this track demonstrates some passion about Hillary's campaign, and honestly, her entire political career. Considering how well she's maintained composure through some of the darker moments, this one really fits.

9) 'The Fighter' feat. Ryan Tedder — Gym Class Heroes

Another song about being a fighter, but this one hits even harder.

8) 'Brave' — Sara Bareilles

Stirring up similar vibes to the songs about being a fighter, Sara Bareilles' "Brave" sees Hillary more actively acknowledge her candidacy as a confident, brave woman. If there was a way to definitively confirm that it's also a nod to Saturday Night Live's skit featuring the song, it would be much higher.

7) 'Pumpin' Blood' — NONONO

This one should make you go sign up for a charity 10K run sponsored by Hillary's campaign, realize that was a huge mistake the day of and then only survive it because you played the song on loop the whole way.

6) 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)' — Kelly Clarkson

Another song by a prominent female artist, who overcame plenty of odds to win the first American Idol. This one ties into Hillary's career even more than "Brave."

5) 'Vivir Mi Vida' — Marc Anthony

Although the message of the song is in the same vein as "Happy" and "Beautiful Day," including a Marc Anthony song sung entirely in Spanish was a smart move. Well played.

4) 'Wake Up Everybody' feat. Common and Melanie Fiona — John Legend and The Roots

I'm assuming Hillary is aware John Legend and Common recently won an Oscar for Selma's "Glory" —  these are all super-talented artists putting out a strong message on a great track.

3) 'Let's Get Loud' — Jennifer Lopez

Including a banger from J.Lo's debut album On the 6, a number not to be confused with Drake's references to Toronto, was just a solid throwback. Clean and simple.

2) 'Break Free' — Ariana Grande and Zedd

If she wants to reach out to young millennial women, this is a phenomenal way to do it. Ariana Grande has been incredibly outspoken about her own struggles with sexism and misogyny in Hollywood and with fame in general.

1) 'Roar' — Katy Perry

Katy Perry for president.

Check out the full playlist below:


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