Watching Hillary Clinton Endure 40 Years Of Sexism Reminds Us Of How Far We've Come

... And how far we still have to go.

No matter your feelings on Hillary Clinton as a politician, there's no denying the historic nature of her nomination. Considering how much attitudes on gender have changed in the past few decades, many make take her success for granted. But not too long ago, the idea of a female president seemed absurd — even offensive.

For someone who has been in the public eye for so long, who has defied conventions since becoming First Lady, who has endured decades of sexism and, yes, triumphed over it to come within a hair's breadth of shattering what she called "the highest, hardest glass ceiling," this is nothing short of remarkable — even for Clinton herself, surely.


To show what Clinton has had put up with since becoming a public figure, The National Memo put together a video of remarks aimed at her that no man in similar positions has ever been subjected to. 

Ranging from "Can a First Lady be both popular and opinionated?" to "Men won't vote for Hillary Clinton because she reminds them of their nagging wives," Clinton has likely heard it all, and the video is a small sample of the sexism that powerful women continue to tear down each and every day.

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