Hillary Clinton Helps Out With A Few Jokes Seth Meyers Doesn't Feel Comfortable Telling

From Chardonnay to breaking the glass ceiling.

On the anniversary of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton joined Seth Meyers on Late Night to tell a few jokes about herself — covering everything from her love of wine to breaking the glass ceiling.

Meyers has a regular segment on his show called "Jokes Seth Can't Tell." As he explained Wednesday night, "Every night, I deliver a monologue comprised of jokes written by a diverse team of writers. As a result, a lot of jokes come across my desk that, due to my being a straight, White male, would be difficult for me to deliver."


To solve this problem, Meyers brought out his writers Amber and Jenny to tell the jokes he can't. Meyers delivered the set-ups, and allowed them to handle the punch lines. However, eventually he spotted a few jokes that didn't seem to apply to anyone at the desk, so the women brought out someone who could tell them — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"According to a recent article, Chardonnay is making a comeback," Meyers said to set things up, to which Clinton responded, "And they said that I wouldn't be able to create jobs."

You might be able to predict where Clinton went with a joke about a broken ceiling on Atlanta's NFL stadium. And you won't believe what Fox News is blaming her for now.

Hear all of Clinton's jokes in the video below:


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