Read The Powerful Hillary Clinton Quote That Won Twitter This Year

It was the most shared political tweet and most shared U.S. tweet.

While Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 United States presidential election, her Twitter account has emerged victorious. According to BuzzFeed News, one very special quote from Clinton was both the most shared political tweet and the most shared U.S. tweet of the year.

The post was made by Clinton's staff during her concession speech on November 9, and featured the Democratic candidate's empowering message to young women. "To all the little girls who are watching this," she said in her speech, "never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams."

The quote has been retweeted more than 600,000 times as of this writing. Buzzfeed adds that it was also the third-most shared tweet of 2016 overall.


Although Clinton will not be the country's first female president, she was the first female presidential nominee for a major party. She shared a similarly inspiring message to little girls on her history-making night earlier this year, writing, "Yes, you can be anything you want — even president."

That message received tens of thousands of shares, but it wasn't the second-most popular political tweet. That honor did, however, go to another tweet from Clinton — or, at least, from her staff. In June, her account had this pithy response to a tweet from Donald Trump.

President-elect Trump, meanwhile, had the year's third-most shared political tweet with an Election Day message to his supporters. It should come as no surprise, given these stats, that the top trend in news and politics this year was #Election2016. It was followed in second and third place by Brexit and #Blacklivesmatter.

Cover image via Instagram


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