This Girl Asked Hillary Clinton The First Thing She'll Do As President. Here's What She Said.

Kids ask the tough questions.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has answered a lot of questions this election season, in both interviews and debates. However, most of those have been from grown-ups. While kids may not be able to cast a ballot, they do have some things they want to know about their potential new president, so People magazine showed Clinton a few of their best questions.

The interview covered a range of topics, from TV viewing to bedtimes. (If you're wondering, Clinton plans to catch up on her favorite shows once the election is over, and she also wants to get back into a better sleep schedule.) Some questions, however, were a little more hard-hitting. Aven, age 4, got right to the point by asking Clinton the first thing she would do as president. Here's what Clinton said:

The first thing I would do as president is to try to make sure that we're keeping the world safe and we're going to be able to protect people, especially children like you. I'm also going to try to get guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them, because I'm really sad that so many people get killed or hurt by guns. And then there's a lot more that I want to do, but I think those two things would be really important.

While Clinton has said she does not want to repeal the Second Amendment, she is in favor of stricter gun regulations, including expanded background checks and a ban on assault weapons.

Clinton also answered a question from 7-year-old Maddie, who wanted to know if it's harder to be a girl than a boy. The candidate replied that it takes longer for her to get ready, but she also added, "Sometimes it's harder because not everybody believes, like I do, that little girls should have every opportunity that you want to go as far as your hard work and talent will take you ... It's wonderful being part of a change in the world that's going on that girls can have their own dreams, and I'm excited about doing everything I can to make that happen, for you and for everybody else."


See all of Clinton's answers in the video below:


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