Watch Kate McKinnon Completely Nail Her Impressions Of Hillary Clinton And Ellen DeGeneres

No pressure whatsoever.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was on "The Ellen Show" Wednesday afternoon.


While there, she discussed the election and winning the Democratic nomination.

Ellen said it would be nice to "unify," to which Hillary responded that "I'm so tired of the meanness, the insulting, finger-pointing and scapegoating. We have to listen to each other."

In regards to Donald Trump, she said that "overall, there's just no evidence that he has an understanding of what women's lives are like today. Once the seriousness of the general election really hits people, he has to start being held accountable."

It wasn't all business on the show, though.

During the show, which was live streamed on Ellen's Facebook page, actress Kate McKinnon came out to do her impressions of both Hillary and Ellen right in front of them.

This definitely got a little trippy.

In addition, Hillary also played a game of Who'd You Rather? In the vice president edition, Clinton picked who she would rather have as her running mate. It really would be a tough choice between Ellen and Michelle Obama.


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