Kids Are Writing 'Thank You' Notes To Hillary Clinton In Chalk Outside Her Campaign Headquarters

Her presidential ambitions meant something to kids, too.

The election result was a heartbreaking loss for those who were hopeful of electing the first woman to the Oval Office. After a long and hard-fought campaign, Hillary Clinton — along with pollsters, pundits, journalists, and much of even Donald Trump's campaign — ultimately underestimated the boiling discontent in many parts of the country that resulted in the election of the real-estate mogul. 

As many Americans lick their wounds and reflect on this country's future, some have taken time to express their appreciation for the woman whom many had expected to become their president. And one of the most touching gestures was found on the sidewalk outside her former campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, where children wrote thank you messages to Clinton in chalk. 


Amid the settling dust from this messy election, the bittersweet scene provided some much-needed solace for many people.


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