Hillary Clinton Closed Her Historic DNC Speech With A 'Hamilton' Quote

History is happening in Philly.

Thursday marked the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and the grande final was of course Hillary Clinton's speech accepting the party's nomination. 

As has been said before but bears repeating, this is the first time in American history that a major party has nominated a woman for president.

Clinton made note of this historic milestone and what it means for the country.

Standing here as my mother's daughter, and my daughter's mother, I'm so happy this day has come. Happy for grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between. Happy for boys and men, too – because when any barrier falls in America, for anyone, it clears the way for everyone. When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. So let's keep going, until every one of the 161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves. 

Clinton's speech followed the convention's theme of optimism and faith in the American people, in contrast to the darker image of America portrayed by Republican nominee Donald Trump last week. She criticized this rhetoric numerous times, saying, "He's forgetting every last one of us. Americans don't say: 'I alone can fix it.' We say: 'We'll fix it together.'"

Clinton also took the time to remind listeners of her experience, citing her time as First Lady, her eight years as a New York senator, and her position as Secretary of State. She touched on the lessons she learned from her mother, including that "No one gets through life alone. We have to look out for each other and lift each other up."

This idea of togetherness ran through Clinton's entire speech, and it also forms her campaign slogan — "Stronger Together."


Clinton outlined the issues she cares about, from climate change to equal pay, and mapped out her plans for progress. That includes making college "debt-free for all" and passing common sense gun legislation. She called out Trump for offering what she says were "zero solutions" in his own acceptance speech.

As for the so-called "woman card," Clinton had this to say:

In America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it. We're going to help you balance family and work. And you know what, if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the "woman card," then Deal Me In!

During her speech, social media had a few predictions for what Clinton would talk about. That included a reference Hamilton.

The predictions turned out to be true. As Clinton's speech drew to a close, she channeled Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical with these apt words:

"And though 'we may not live to see the glory,' as the song from the musical Hamilton goes, 'let us gladly join the fight.' Let our legacy be about 'planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.'"

Hear Clinton's full speech in the video below:


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