Read This Woman's Poignant Message After Hillary Clinton Visited Her Bookstore

"I can't imagine meeting anyone else who looms as large."

After more than a year of campaigning across the country, Hillary Clinton is having some downtime. Over the weekend, Clinton was in Rhode Island with Bill, her daughter Chelsea, son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky, and granddaughter Charlotte. Her visit would have likely flown under the radar except for the fact that she is Hillary Clinton, the only woman in American history to have come this close to shattering the highest, hardest glass ceiling. 

While in Rhode Island, Clinton visited The Savoy Bookstore in Waverly, where she came across one of the women who had so fervently hoped she would be their president. Jessica Wick, an employee at Savoy, later posted a photo she took with Clinton on Facebook, writing a poignant message about what Clinton meant to her.

So. Today I met Hillary Clinton. This was a surprise and I can't imagine meeting anyone else who looms as large. I wasn't as eloquent as I'd have liked to be. I didn't want to take her & her family out of their day together. I also didn't want to cry; I feel like strangers crying at one might detract from one's day. I'd have liked to tell her I was a poet in ardent support of what she stood and stands for. I'd have liked to tell her how, at that very bookstore, behind the very same counter she approached to ask about a book, I listened to her concession speech with two of my co-workers and we cried; how in that same spot customers and employees have talked about her with regret and hope. I'd have liked to tell her something which encompasses the sadness I feel that she did not win, but somehow tell her that in a way which didn't rub salt in any wounds. I'd have liked to give her something. I told her I voted for her, that she meant and means a lot.

She added that she wishes  the best for the former First Family.

"I wish them a good future, and loads of good books and interesting reading. This was definitely one of the coolest things to have happened to me."


Speaking to local paper The Day, Wick said that the Clintons were "very low key," adding that the employees at the bookstore kept their excitement to themselves. "It seemed like they were just in need of reading," she said. 

Days after the election, a woman who went hiking with her daughter in the woods in Chappaqua, NY, stumbled upon Clinton doing the very same thing, with Bill and their dog. (The woman, however, has since removed her photo with Clinton on Facebook; she told the New York Post that she's received death threats because of it.)

In her first post-election speech at the Children's Defense Fund event, Clinton said that in the wake of her loss, she often felt like "[curling] up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again." But as Americans move on from the election, so too, it seems, is Clinton, with a good book or two.

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