Twitter Account Imagines What Life Would Be Like If Hillary Clinton Was President

"I need Bill to steam my pantsuits."

President Donald Trump is known for his Twitter use, but what would Twitter have been like if he had lost the election?

One account, called Alt-POTUS 45, is dedicated to imagining that reality. The account, equally a parody of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the political opponent who bested her, has quickly gained some traction through its tongue-in-cheek tweets and overarching message of female empowerment.


While some of the tweets are a little more jaded than others, the general sentiment of the account is one that emphasizes what things would be like if a woman were president. Alt-POTUS is frequently sending former president Bill Clinton to the store to run errands, showing off pantsuit outfits and reminding people that women can kick ass when given cabinet positions. 

It's tough not to chuckle at the account's description of how the dynamic between the Clintons might have changed if she were president. 

She even throws some shade at Russian President Vladimir Putin (while applauding SNL, of course).

With tensions within our political system on rise, the account is a much-needed dose of good humor

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Baiterek Media / Krista Kennell.

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