Hillary Clinton's Powerful New Ad Centers On Young Girls' Body Image

"Is this the president we want for our daughters?"

In Donald Trump's latest pursuit of women voters, the Republican candidate released a paid maternity leave plan last week that his daughter, Ivanka, helped write. Though lacking, the move was a significant breakthrough bigger picture-wise: it was the first time any Republican presidential candidate recognized the importance of family leave. But it's unlikely that many women will be won over by what some call his "empty promises." Trump's long history of denigrating comments and questionable behavior towards women is woven into his bold, brash public persona, and an inadequate family leave policy is unlikely to change this public perception.

The latest ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign underscores the narrative of Trump as a sexist and misogynist. Titled "Mirrors," the 30-second video shows young girls assessing their reflections in the mirror as recordings of Trump's comments about women play in the background. "I'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers," Trump says in one.

"Is this the president we want for our daughters?" the ad asks.


The video is an effective argument against a Trump presidency. But Clinton herself is struggling with young female voters, many of whom see her as a distrusted extension of the establishment.

Trump, however, has consistently polled disastrously with women voters. Most recently, a host of female celebrities starred in a video slamming Trump while rallying American women to vote for Clinton. The concerted effort to woo female voters  — particularly single women — is telling of the demographic's clout in this election, and the issues they care about (child care, family leave, reproductive rights, accessible higher education, etc.) have, to a large extent, shaped both candidates' platforms. 


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