This Family's Attempt To Install A Dryer Took A Hilariously Wrong Turn

An otherwise mundane activity turned into a treasured family memory.


Installing a dryer might not seem like anyone's idea of a good time — unless you're the McDaneld family. A video of their home improvement escapades — in which Christie McDaneld, known as 'Gagi' to her family, gets stuck between the dryer and the wall — has since gone viral, with more than 21 million views on Facebook

According to Gagi, "it was Bapa's [her husband Ivan McDaneld nickname]" idea that she get behind the dryer to connect two cords while he and his grandson Anthony McDaneld held the dryer in place. "I thought it would be easier than it turned out to be," Bapa told A Plus via email. "The dryer had been broken for three or four months. After I fixed it, Chris was so excited she was willing to do anything to get it back in place." 

Gagi and Bapa (right side up). 

Apparently, "anything" included becoming an accidental internet sensation. Gagi jokingly told Emily McDaneld, Anthony's wife, that the dryer installation "may be worth filming" — and oh, was she right. "She meant the guys lifting the dryer, though," Emily explained. "Things just kept getting funnier, so I kept filming."

As the above video shows, once Gagi realizes she's expected to crawl over the top of the washer and dryer to get out, she bursts out laughing. The hilarity only increases as her family playfully tries to use the dryer installation strap to pull her out. Eventually, they get Gagi over the top of the dryer, and underneath Bapa's legs. 

Even as she holds onto his shirt and pants for dear life before finally placing her hands on the ground, Gagi just can't stop laughing. Luckily, she lands safely on the ground — and in another fit of giggles. 

Though neither the dryer hijinks or its viral video were planned by the McDaneld family, both have turned an otherwise mundane activity into a treasured family memory. "... I suspect that we will be talking about this, and laughing about it, for many years to come," Gagi said. "And honestly, it is still a pretty mundane activity — things turning out funny like that are not unusual at our house! It's just not out of the ordinary for us!" 

After Emily posted the video to her Facebook page on November 4, the family was "impressed" when it received 6,000 views. Now, they can hardly believe it's reached tens of millions of people. Gagi thinks its widespread appeal may be because people can identify with and find joy in it. " Maybe because laughter is contagious and they needed it?" she said. "... We are getting comments from people who are hurting deeply, and they tell us just a little bit of what's going on with them and how they needed this laugh.  That is so heartwarming that we could be used — even unintentionally to bring a few moments of laughter and relief to a hurting world." 

Though the McDaneld family has no plans to rent their hilarious home improvement services to other families, Anthony did say, "Well we do still have a broken oven and a broken hot-tub... we'll see if they lead to more entertainment!" 

Cover image via Brandon Bourdages I Shutterstock


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