See Why The Internet Has Fallen In Love With This 'History Of Japan' YouTube Video

8 million YouTube views can't be wrong.

No matter how much you think you know about the history of Japan, you've never seen it like this. 

In early February, Bill Wurtz made a YouTube video that has taken over the Internet this week (much like the way Japan took over Korea, Manchuria, and some Pacific islands). 

Besides scoring more than 8 million views on YouTube, the video has also sparked dozens of Tumblr memes


Unsure of how one man can use a country's entire history to create the best thing on the Internet (today, anyway)? 

Within the first seconds of this video's nine gut-busting minutes, you'll know why the "history of japan" has such widespread appeal. It's got it all: 

Amazing graphics.

Sophisticated tools.

Delicious food.

Sage life advice.

High culture.

Democracy at its finest.

Dynamic international relations.

A plan to take over the world.

And even a Donald Trump cameo.

So you can maybe chill and watch the full video:


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