15 Cakes That Didn't Quite Turn Out How We Were Hoping

We still want some though.

Some things — plumbing, hazardous waste disposal — are best left to the professionals. People like a good opportunity for DIY projects though, even when the task is really daunting and it would probably be cheaper to have someone else do it. 

Cake decoration is a perfect example of When Pinterest Goes Wrong. Sure, that six-photo sequence or that YouTube video made it look like French braiding a cake is something you can and should do. Yes, we saw how stable that suspension bridge cake looked on Instagram. But is this really something someone who has never successfully cracked an egg without needing a bandaid should be doing?

Yes. Yes it is.

Here are some cakes that were so far off from what they were supposed to be that they belong in a category all their own. 


1. When you forget you're not supposed to stick the pokeball in the dryer.

2. Teeth are always a dainty touch.

3. To be fair, the first cake didn't look exactly like Elsa either.

4. Paying close attention is a solid tactic.

5. We'd still eat it.

6. Great cake always comes with head storage.

7. The grass is a nice touch.

8. Sprunge brlob...

9. You get the idea.

10. Fire lounge chair.

11. If the asteroid doesn't get em, old age will.

12. What do you even say to this?

13. Where did his other foot go?

14. Still wanna be part of our world, Ariel?

15. Olaf? Is...is everything alright?


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