Hilaria Baldwin Shares Pregnant Instagram Selfie To Empower Moms

"I am a true believer that our bodies are..."

Last week on Instagram, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin announced that they were expecting their third child in three years.

"Ireland, Carmen, Rafael, Alec, and I are excited to share with you that we are going to have another addition to our family," Hilaria wrote on her Instagram page. "A little boy coming this fall."

Hilaria grew her Instagram followers when she posted photos every two weeks during her pregnancy with her second child, Rafa. However, Hilaria wrote that she "didn't have the guts to do it" when pregnant with her first child, Carmen. 

The reason, according to Hilaria, was because she may have felt "ashamed" with her pregnant figure. That's why she just posted a viral Instagram selfie sans shirt and pants to proudly proclaim a message for expecting moms. 

"These are common emotions in our society that elevates a thin body above all else," she wrote on the social platform. "Being my third baby in three years, I am a true believer that our bodies are amazing, and we should celebrate them, rather than feel embarrassed and hide until the baby weight is entirely gone. For both women and men: we create life...so let's honor how we make these miracles."

Here is the viral Instagram photo.  


Hilaria might have a point regarding the stigma of pregnancy. A 2009 University of Minnesota study found that a mother's satisfaction with her body during and after pregnancy decreased. The study concluded that "it is important to educate women about expected postpartum weight and body changes, and to find ways to enhance mothers' postpartum self-esteem and body satisfaction."



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