What This Girl Creates With Her Brushes Will Freak You Out

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Hikaru Cho is a talented Japanese body painting artist and a master of illusion.


Using incredibly realistic body painting skills, Hikaru creates art pieces that transform the human body into the most unexpected things.

Hikaru started body painting 2.5 years ago by a total accident.

"I wanted to paint something at home but I ran out of paper and was too lazy to go get it. So I drew on my hand," Cho told A+.

The result was so satisfying, Hikaru decided to shift from regular drawing on paper to using human body as a canvas.

She has created some pretty eerie stuff that is so realistic, it plays with the viewers' mind.

Hikaru says it usually takes 3 to 5 hours for her to create an artwork.

Although, stop-motions like this might take her the whole day.

Hikaru has also created a lot of body paintings that turn humans into cyborgs with wires and switches coming out of their bodies.

"I sometimes paint things that I want to have on my body, like a mechanic switch, or a zipper to undress myself and become someone else," Cho told A+.

Her latest artwork features a prison cell painted on a human head.

"The head painting depicts someone literally imprisoned by their thoughts," Cho said.

Although realistically painted, none of these scenarios are possible in real life.

Hikuro says she uses this trickery to make the viewers question what they usually perceive as normal.

Visit Hikaru Cho's website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more stunning body art.

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