Kids Ask An 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor About Her Journey In A Conversation Full Of Compassion

“Is having cancer painful?”

Engaging in dialogue about a hard topic is often the best way to foster understanding and empathy. One of the hardest topics to broach with children may be discussing the fact that some kids live with cancer,  but that those kids are no different than any other.

In an effort to create a safe environment for kids to learn about childhood cancer, those behind HiHo Kids, Cut's kid-focused YouTube channel, asked 8-year-old Kira, who was diagnosed with leukemia at 6 years old, to answer kids' questions about her journey. In the video, the kids get to know each other by discussing favorite foods and where they're from. When the topic of being sick comes up, the kids are surprised to learn that Kira has had cancer. 

Viewers were blown away by Kira's bravery and openness, and also by the level of compassion and maturity shown by the other kids interviewing her. 

Check it out below:


"The worst sickness I had was a cold stomach flu," shared Crystal, one of the kids participating in the video. "It lasted for, like, a week." When she asked Kira how long her cancer lasted, Kira replied, "two years."

Kira explained to the kids that her "white blood cells didn't grow properly and they started to invade my body." The 8-year-old survivor also shared what it was like to be hospitalized. "It was very, very, very, very boring," Kira said of her experience. But she said she did manage to entertain herself whenever she could, like the time she made a slide out of her hospital bed. 

When Kira said that she got bullied at school after losing her hair to leukemia, the kids showed her love and support. "I feel sorry for that," said Desmond, another child participant. Crystal complimented Kira's "cute" hair. 

The YouTube comment section was flooded with praised for how awesome and sweet these kids are. 

"I hope I am raising my daughter to be as amazing as the HiHo kids. They are truly examples for us all," said one YouTube commenter.

"Awe Kira is so cute.  She's shy at first but she's opens up so much.  And I'm so impressed with her explanation of her cancer. She is so cool and brave. I would love to she her in more videos," said another. 

"I must say that the HIHo Kids are the nicest of all of the kid YouTubers.  As a cancer patient myself, my heart sunk when Kira  said she had cancer.  Knowing what I'm going through, it is a sin to  have it happen to children.  Kira, I'm so happy you're doing so well," said another.

Approximately 15,700 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year and 12 percent of the diagnosed don't survive. As medical research advances, more children are getting the chance to live their lives longer and tell their stories.  Conversations about childhood cancer help raise awareness, especially when it's the kids doing the talking


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