Kids Meet A Man With Tar Syndrome And Set An Example For How We Should All Treat Each Other

“Everybody’s got their own unique traits.”


Throughout life you'll come across people who are different from you, and while it is important to accept others as they are, it's even more important to express compassion and understanding. An example of how we should all treat each other is set in the latest HiHo Kids video, Cut's youth-focused YouTube channel.  

In the video, kids meet Jordan Nicholas, a Seattle-based photographer with a physical condition called thrombocytopenia-absent radius syndrone orTar Syndrome — a rare congenital disorder characterized by a platelet deficiency and the absence of the radius bones in the forearms. 

The video begins with Nicholas asking the kids to tell him the first thing they notice about him. Instead of pointing out his physical condition off the bat, the kids acknowledge his other traits, such as his smile and his style choices. 

"[Do you notice] anything with my body?" Nicholas finally asked, leading the kids to mention the size of his hands.  "Thank you for having my smile be the first thing you noticed," he said.

One challenge some people may face when interacting with people who are differently-abled is maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. The key to avoiding any awkward (or insensitive — or even worse, offensive) moments is treating others how you'd want to be treated. The HiHo kids master that sentiment beautifully.

"That's cool," one of the kids told Nicholas after he explained Tar Syndrome. "Two less bones than the [average] human, that's just something different about you."

"Everybody's got their own unique traits," another kid said. 

Later in the video, Nicholas shared stories about what it was like growing up with Tar Syndrome. He was bullied as a kid and still deals with people staring at him when he's out. Despite it all, Nicholas is happy with who he is and enjoys doing things like drawing and taking photos. 

On his Instagram, Nicholas shared words about his experience filming with the kids. "I've always been fairly comfortable with myself," he wrote. "But I think in recent years I've really been trying to become confident  in myself and in my body! For me, that's meant pushing myself to become more and more comfortable in speaking my truth. [...] I got to meet a group of amazing kids and share my story!"


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