Kids Meet A Bodybuilder And Ask Their Most (Bench) Pressing Questions

"Does your mom make your clothes?"

The children on HiHo Kids, Cut Video's youth-focused YouTube channel, have already sat down with many fascinating people. They've interviewed a photographer with Tar Syndrome, a female firefightera kid who survived cancer, and more. And they've met interesting animals too, such as a guide dog who helps to keep his blind owner safe. The series helps expose kids to different careers, conditions, and lifestyles as well as give them a safe space to ask questions. 

Most recently, the kids got to sit down with someone with much bigger muscles than they're used to seeing. They interviewed Gabe Moen, a bodybuilder and professional trainer who has competed in heavyweight championships. 


"Look at him. What do you notice?" a producer off-camera asked one of the boys.

"The muscles," he replied, wide-eyed. 

The kids compared their small hands to his, discussed exercising, and even got to play with a sword Moen won in a competition. One boy got on the floor to demonstrate a sit-up for the bodybuilder. "That was a perfect crunch!" Moen said. 

One boy wanted to know what Moen likes best about being a bodybuilder. 

"My favorite part would be the structure and discipline that it has taught me for life in general," Moen replied.

"So, it's actually helping you with life, too?" the boy asked.

"That's right," Moen said. 

Watch the whole video above.


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