Kids Meet A 101-Year-Old And Learn What Life Was Like Decades Ago

"Did you have forks or knives in the old days?"

The children on Cut Video's youth-focused YouTube channel HiHo Kids have had the opportunity to interview all kinds of interesting people. They've met with an award-winning bodybuilder, a photographer with Tar Syndrome, a female firefighter, a kid who survived cancer, and more. The heartwarming series gives kids a chance to learn about people with experiences different from their own. 

In the most recent video for the series, kids got to sit down with Alice, a retired biology teacher who is 101 years old. All the children are shocked to learn her age, but couldn't wait to ask their adorable questions about "back in the day." 


"Did you have forks or knives in the old days?" one girl asked. 

"Oh sure," Alice replied. "And spoons." 

She went on to explain some of things she didn't have growing up such as radio, television, and telephones. "There were not any trucks," Alice explained. "They had wagons and horses pulled them." 

Alice also took the time to explain how different life was for girls when she was growing up. "I thought boys were much luckier than girls," Alice explained. "We had to wear skirts and stockings even in the coldest weather. They didn't have slacks or pants for girls." 

"Girls couldn't wear pants?" one girl replied. "That is not fair!"

Alice's age is far from the only interesting thing about her. In the video, she shares her time serving in World War II, her research on insects, and the secret to living a long life. 

Check it out in the video above. 


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