Trouble Getting Out Of Bed? This Dude Came Up With The Perfect Solution.


Let's all be honest — no one likes getting up in the morning. It's scientific fact.


And even if you know you've got a busy day ahead of you and you really need to hop up and get ready to go, that snooze button just never fails to look super tempting.

Who doesn't want an extra ten minutes?

According to Health Magazine, more than a third of Americans hit the snooze three or more times a day — which means more than a third of Americans are likely beginning their days drowsy (and having to run to catch to catch the bus). By trying to catch a few more Zs, what we're actually doing is confusing our bodies and sending them back into deep sleep — when what we really want is wake up again ASAP.  

So when we finally do wake up, it's a struggle just to match our socks, let alone figure out how we're going to get across town with ten less minutes to spare.

But never fear. Colin Furze, a self-described "garage inventor/video maker" has created a mad scientist contraption for those of us running on a permanent delay, and it actually needs to be seen to be believed.

He calls it the "High Voltage Ejector Bed," and it could genuinely be life-changing.

The doozy of a bed/alarm clock combo catapults its occupant into the air mornings when another, less technologically advanced clock would simply beep until silenced.

Furze said that he built the snoozeless (and merciless) bed after receiving repeat requests for a mechanical solution to early A.M. wake up calls.

And it's definitely hard to ignore.

Furze documented the bed's beginnings in a making of video on his YouTube channel. 

He first assembled a fully custom bed frame from steel, complete with a strong "hinge" to rest beneath — and later lever up — the mattress. Then he attached three outlets to a large air compressor that, when activated by a garage door remote, would launch unwary sleepers forward.

The result? The perfect gift (or threat) for anyone who just can't seem to rise and shine in the morning. It's brilliant and devious — and it gets you up and out the door quicker than you ever imagined possible.

Well done, Furze. Now, we just need to get our hands on one.


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