High Schooler Sets The Record Straight On Vaccinations In Viral Twitter Thread

Time to separate the myths from the facts.

It's been proven time and time again that vaccinations are beneficial to our health, and that any science linking them to autism or other conditions is baseless.  Still, there is so much misinformation disseminated. To keep everyone safe, it's essential to separate fact from fiction so people can understand why vaccinations are so important.


In an epic Twitter thread posted by senior high school student Taylor Sharp, some of the myths about vaccinations are put to rest. 

Sharp begins the thread saying, "I actually did my senior paper on vaccinations so let me hit you with the facts real quick." 

The Twitter thread continues with fact after fact about vaccinations, accompanied by GIFs.

She uses statistics to demonstrate her points.

She shows why it's dangerous to continue to perpetuate myths about vaccinations.

Sharp also disputes the common myth that vaccinations cause autism. "There is no 'cause' of autism. You can't give someone autism, it is a mental disability that they are born with," she states

She continues by discussing ingredients in vaccines.

She concludes the thread with a statement that makes us pause and think.

This Twitter thread has received a lot of positive responses with many thanking Sharp for sharing the facts. Some are also opening up about their vaccination experiences.

Many might be expecting Sharp to go into medicine given her knowledge of vaccinations, but Scary Mommy reported that she will be going to Slippery Rock University to study international education, which she sees as being linked vaccinations.


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