Kid Unexpectedly Nails His Dance Routine And All High Schoolers Go Absolutely Mad


Some things strike when you least expect them. Take this video as an example.

It starts out as what appears to be a high school dance-off. The first kid busts some neat breakdance moves. He's a natural, really. A bunch of high schoolers cheer him on as if the victory were clearly his. After all, the second teen doesn't stand a chance. 

Or so you'd think. 

Well, one's looks can be deceiving. Because judging by the video, what appears to be a geeky looking kid is in fact a breakdancing genius. Watch him absolutely kill it with his routine.

We also can't decide what we love more — his dope dance moves or the reaction of high school kids witnessing the battle. 

A special shout out to the kid filming the video who made sure that his own reaction gets captured on film.

Nailing it! Watch the entire video below.


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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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