High School Boys Explain Why Feminism Is Important In Powerful Video

"Feminism is important me, because I literally cannot run around the block without being catcalled."


In an effort to honor International Woman's Day and Women's History Month, high school boys from Sydney Boys High School, a single-sex school in Australia, created a video that showcases why feminism is important. They asked the women in their lives why feminism is important to them and recited their responses in front of the camera. 

"Feminism is important to me because, when I was 12, my dad told me I should be ashamed of my body, and that I had 'thunder thighs,'" one student said.

"Feminism is important to me because my dad doesn't think I can be an engineer and my mom doesn't think I can be an economist, because that's 'too hard for a girl," another high schooler said.

"Feminism is important me, because I literally cannot run around the block without being catcalled," a third boy recited. 

The powerful video details many of the daily struggles women face at work, at home, and on the street, including being body shamed, violated, and belittled. 

"As young men [we are] using our privilege and platform to express desires for gender equality, and men to be more considerate of women in [their] everyday lives," Sydney Boys High's school captain Hugh Bartley, who was involved in the video, told the Sydney Morning Herald

The video has gone viral since it was first posted just two days ago. It has racked up more than 240,000 views on Facebook and has been shared by nearly 2,000 people to date. The comments section is filled with statements of support and gratitude that these boys are doing their part to raise awareness about gender equality. 

"Their video was a demonstration to our students that women's equality is a men's issue," Sydney Boys High principal Dr. Kim Jaggar told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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