Think It's Just A Regular Haircut? Watch Colors Appear Before Your Very Eyes.

Pretty magical.

It might not be the best time to dye your hair all rainbows if you're looking for a new corporate job. But if you really REALLY want some color in your hair, Singaporean YouTuber Jaye T might have a solution for you.

Jaye T recently uploaded a video showcasing her colorful dyed hair.


"But where all those colors?" you might be thinking.

Watch closely to see what happens when Jaye T runs her fingers through her hair... Voilà! the colors suddenly appear.

Watch the entire video below.

"I really don't know what to call this, since it's apparently a new trend," she explains on her YouTube channel. "Others have called it 'hidden dyed hair', 'secret dyed hair,' 'magical dyed hair' and I think someone called it 'peekaboo hair' once."

No, but really. Where was this when we were back in school and wanted to dye our hair without our parents finding out? Cute and super clever.


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