Woman Accidentally Caught Husband Having Too Much Fun While Babysitting Their 2 Little Kids

Are those pom-poms in his hands?

What is good parenting?

Is it putting food on the table so your kids can eat, providing them with school supplies so they can learn and become next presidents of the country, teaching invaluable lessons on love, respect, forgiveness, etc.? Yes. A MILLION TIMES YES!

But it's also having fun with your kids and this dad knows exactly how to add it to the equation.


A video that's going crazy viral was accidentally filmed by one mother who set up a camera to record her adorable kids' dancing to show grandma.

So she captured all that ... and more!

Apparently, her husband, who was left to watch after the kids, decided to polish his dance moves and unexpectedly crashed the party. There's no way to unsee it ...

Check out the hilarious video below:


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