This Short Film Shows The Power Of Reaching Out To Someone Feeling Alone


Fairfax, Virginia-based student Adam Gambrel wrote and directed "Hey," a poignant short film that looks at the difficult issue of teen suicide through the narrative lens of the experience of a teen girl wrangling with depression.

While we realize that there are many factors involved in this problem, we applaud Gambrel's sensitivity and willingness to address the topic.

For more from Adam Gambrel, head over to his Facebook page.

Trigger warning: depiction of self-harm.


We need to do more than encourage others to reach out.

If you're feeling alone, depressed, scared, anxious, or if you feel as though your life isn't worth living and you're contemplating suicide, we urge you to reach out to someone, to anyone. 

Someone cares. You matter.

If you need a shoulder to lean on, reach out. If you see someone who seems like they might need a friend, reach out.

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