Woman Risks Life To Rescue A Kitten, Instantly Becomes Our Hero Of The Day

She named him Skidmark.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear helmets and white-and-blue motorcyclist jackets.

At least that's what we know about this fearless road angel who risked her own safety to rescue a tiny kitten lost on the road.

A YouTube user, who goes by the name E511, uploaded this video with the hilarious title, saying "I sound stupid, but I saved a kitten." Not at all, E511! You sound wonderful. 

When so many people ignored this little creature, you actually took action and rescued it from a horrible fate. Bravissimo!


Watch the thrilling rescue video below:

Oh, and meet Skidmark, safely resting in her new owner's helmet.

People are awesome, aren't they?


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