Dads Saving Their Kids Just In The Nick Of Time Will Make You Hold Your Breath

That was a close one.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but everyone knows the best kind of hero comes in the shape of a dad. In a video originally posted to Facebook by Zoo Weekly we get to see just a few moments when things could have gone so very wrong had dad not stepped in just in time. 

Warning: You'll want to hold your breath when you watch these. 


1. All about the reflexes.

2. Yup, more reflex action.

3. This could have gone very, very wrong. Thank goodness for dad.

4. Oh my...

5. Nice save there.

6. Whack.

7. Just in the nick of time.

Watch the full video below for more heart-stopping moments. (Try not to pay attention to the god awful music.)

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