This Woman Slays In Hermione Granger Parody of Beyoncé's 'Hold Up'

"I don't wanna have to hex you, but Ron, they don't love you like I love you."

Though it might not be an automatic association, Hermione Granger and Beyoncé have a lot in common. They're both strong, intelligent, and talented women ... who don't always have the best luck with guys.


A Youtuber, Dominique Taylor of The Storyscape, recognized the similarities between these two lovely ladies and combined them into one magical mash-up: "Wand Up!"  

A parody of Lemonade's "Hold Up," Taylor's spellbinding tune is filled with lyrics so clever and witty, any Ravenclaw would be proud. 

Not only does she declare Hermione "the baddest muggle [to] help you with your wizardry-y-y," but she's also not afraid to ask the tough questions: 

Considering real-life quidditch is a coed, full-contact sport, it's pretty close. 

But, of course, nothing slays better than this choice rhyme:

Hermione couldn't have sang it better herself.

The musical ode to everyone's favorite ginger also makes classic HP references to owls, portkeys, and — just to keep Ron on his toes — Viktor Krum. 

As if this parody couldn't get any more pitch perfect, even Taylor's wand-wielding skills are an homage to Bey's baseball bat swings. 

Well, kind of.  Giphy

Not only does this combination of pop culture icons show us the creative power of some serious "Black girl magic," but it couldn't come at a more perfect time.

This July, Noma Dumezweni, a Black British actress with South African roots will play Hermione in the new J.K. Rowling-approved play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Rowling has previously tweeted that she "loves black Hermione," and Taylor's video proves exactly why. 

While other Lemonade parodies have been purely hilarious, this one is a power anthem for well-read women of color. 

Here's hoping "Wand Up!" is just the first of many Beyoncé-influenced, Hermione-inspired tracks off an upcoming album titled — what else? — Butterbeer.

Watch the full video below:


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