Here's A Bunch Of Reasons Why You Shouldn't Try The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


In the past week, the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" has taken social media by storm. The challenge, an apparent homage to the reality star's makeup routine, invites fans to try and imitate her lip liner-created pout by sucking the air out of a shot glass. 

It's not a good idea. Jenner says her big lips are the product of really carefully applied makeup, and sucking the air out of a shot glass can lead to injury.

And besides — your lips are perfect, just the way they are.


Don't believe us?

No one else in the world has lips like yours. They are unique, just like your fingerprints.

Apparently, those little wrinkles we have on our lips, otherwise known as lip-prints, are unique to each individual and are often used in human identification.

You're the only one in the entire animal kingdom that has a vermilion border.

Sure, lots of animal species have lips. But did you know that human lips are the only ones that have such a sharp margin between skin and the red part of the lip? It's called the vermilion border.

Your lips are the only part in your body that doesn't sweat.

Yes, even our finger pads have sweat glands in them. But not lips, nuh-uh. And we can only thank the entire universe for that. Imagine having to lick your lips on a hot summer day. Yuck!

Your lips have more than a million nerve endings, and are more sensitive than your fingertips.

Our lips are so densely packed with nerve endings, some scientists even call them the "most exposed erogenous zone."

That fleshy bump at the center of your upper lip is called the labial tubercle.

Doesn't that sound sexy to you? According to a study published in 2011, women with a prominent labial tubercle are more likely to experience vaginal orgasm.

Lithuanian writer Antanas Skema once said that when angels wish their goodbyes to a newborn child, they touch his face — right between the upper lip and nose — so that they wouldn't remember what heaven was like.

Well, isn't that just so incredibly beautiful?!

Lip-locking actually helps you choose a partner.

It may be hard to believe, but famous soul singer Betty Everett was right: It is, in fact, "in his kiss." Scientists believe that people tend to choose their partners based on the chemical properties of their saliva, such as the amount of dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen.

After all of these reasons, why would you do something like this to your precious lips?

No, seriously, why?

No trend is worth following if it messes up with your natural, divine beauty. Be yourself. Own your looks.

And now go and tell that to your lips! They really deserve a little lovin'.


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